Zeitgeist x Elipsis: All About Perspective (May 2020)

We’re excited to share our joint issue with Elipsis, our school’s literary magazine in Spanish. It’s dedicated to this year’s Seniors, who have had to deal with a very different ending than the one they expected. We hope you enjoy this bilingual edition from the safety of your home and that you all stay safe and healthy in these difficult times!

Day 29 – National Poetry Month

April 29, 2019

Prompt #29: Write a poem about your interpretation of abstract art.


When a painter yields colors
When a writer yields characters
When a poet yields rhythms
When a sculptor yields realism
When an artist yields
And all that’s left is
Do you run?
Do you look away?
Do you close your eyes?
Do you stare?
Do you… stare?

– Pablo Rubín (12th grade)

Check out Pablo’ Writer Profile here to get to know him!

Day 28 – National Poetry Month

April 28, 2019

Prompt #28: Write a poem about yourself in which nothing is true.


As he stares at the mirror
The mirror stares back at him
The reflection he sees
does not reflect what he feels.

Is he really the happy, smiling boy
the mirror makes him out to be?
Does the reflection reflect the truth?
Or does he want the facade to be true?

Sadness and anger build upon his eyes.
The glass mirror shatters
As he strikes to the reflection
of the boy, he does not consider himself.

– Lotus (10th grade)

Check out Lotus’ Writer Profile here to get to know him!

Day 26 – National Poetry Month

April 26, 2019

Prompt #26: Write a poem about your shadow.


I truly am who I am in the dark.
Apart from fake smiles, prying eyes
and positive remarks;
it’s a deep abyss of lies…
as the umbrage takes over the light.

Shadow, bear with me
in hate and pleasure
as I expose my real nature
to the comfort of your eternity;
as the moon shines through twilight.

– Lotus (10th grade)

Check out Lotus’ Writer Profile here to get to know him!

Day 22 – National Poetry Month

April 22, 2019

Prompt #22: Movie Character: Write a poem about a character from a recent movie you watched.

Our Archeological Savior

The Ark of the Covenant
The Temple of Doom
The Holy Grail
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

He’s been through it all
Indiana Jones saves lives
Saves archeological findings
And, most importantly,
He saves our history

– Mariana Rosado (10th grade)

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