April 7th: Spirit

Prompt: Write about how your favorite song made you feel when you first heard it.

As I turned up the radio, I felt a distinct sensation
Quick dashing waves got me going
Fire flowing through my veins
My feet began to dance
The rest of my body followed

I wanted to jump, run, dance, sing
I felt power, nothing could stop me
I was the King of the world
I felt there was nothing I could not do

Great rhythm, beat, and lyric
Lots of emotion, intensity, and energy
Can’t Hold Us, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
I had to listen again

~ José Méndez

Zeitgeist x Elipsis: All About Perspective (May 2020)

We’re excited to share our joint issue with Elipsis, our school’s literary magazine in Spanish. It’s dedicated to this year’s Seniors, who have had to deal with a very different ending than the one they expected. We hope you enjoy this bilingual edition from the safety of your home and that you all stay safe and healthy in these difficult times!

Introducing National Poetry Writing Month!

During this upcoming month, Zeitgeist Literary Magazine and its members will be participating in National Poetry Writing Month, a creative writing project held annually in April. Participants write a poem each day for one month.

All our club members will participate and submit their poems, which will be viewed through our website.

Check out the “NaPoWriMo” page to access a poem for each day of the month! It will be uploaded daily with new content!