April 6th: Out of Order

Prompt: Turn on the radio/tv to any channel. Write a poem inspired by the first thing you hear.

I blinked at the sign

Money in hand

It wasn’t possible

So I took a step back

The man to my right

Frowned as I froze

My eyes wide and bright

Face pale in shock

But he couldn’t have known

The fear that I felt

When I looked at the vending machine

And its words were my own

~ Lucía Garrido

April 5th: A Dive Into A Book

Prompt: Write a poem on how to do something mundane most people take for granted (In this case, it is reading).

You open a novel, in it, thousands of words

Just ink printed on paper, but it fills you with despair

The stories you read about get so close to your heart

That sometimes they threaten to tear it apart

The endless journeys you experience

Always manage to make you delirious

And even though some might fill you with pain

From buying more you can never restrain

For they bring you happiness and glee

Making your life more complete

~ Mia González and Estefania Berio

April 2nd: A look into the cyclone

Prompt: Write a poem that finds the good in something terrible.

Fear and power united in one

Devastation conquering below

Setting everyone into a run

Leaving things forgo

Whilst the eye of the storm dwindled through time

And the families let go of each other

Determination arises past noontime

Known even by the lovers

What was once havoc, turned into cooperation

Even the foes joined in hand

To distribute the rations

And to take a stand

Protection and worry was overcrowded by love

Which they will use to lifts each other above

~ Alejandra Castro

April 1st: Farewell Once More

The reason I hid it so suddenly

I barely know

Every word still clings

Lying deep in my so forlorn heart

Their delicacy and soft touch

Still holds me tenderly

Those delicate verses

No matter how plain, how effortless

Are each so distinctive, so personal

And I can simply, never allow their leave

So, I ask myself once more


If so dear and pure

Did I hide it so suddenly

~ Catalina Echegoyen

Day 29 – National Poetry Month

April 29, 2019

Prompt #29: Write a poem about your interpretation of abstract art.


When a painter yields colors
When a writer yields characters
When a poet yields rhythms
When a sculptor yields realism
When an artist yields
And all that’s left is
Do you run?
Do you look away?
Do you close your eyes?
Do you stare?
Do you… stare?

– Pablo Rubín (12th grade)

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Day 28 – National Poetry Month

April 28, 2019

Prompt #28: Write a poem about yourself in which nothing is true.


As he stares at the mirror
The mirror stares back at him
The reflection he sees
does not reflect what he feels.

Is he really the happy, smiling boy
the mirror makes him out to be?
Does the reflection reflect the truth?
Or does he want the facade to be true?

Sadness and anger build upon his eyes.
The glass mirror shatters
As he strikes to the reflection
of the boy, he does not consider himself.

– Lotus (10th grade)

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Day 26 – National Poetry Month

April 26, 2019

Prompt #26: Write a poem about your shadow.


I truly am who I am in the dark.
Apart from fake smiles, prying eyes
and positive remarks;
it’s a deep abyss of lies…
as the umbrage takes over the light.

Shadow, bear with me
in hate and pleasure
as I expose my real nature
to the comfort of your eternity;
as the moon shines through twilight.

– Lotus (10th grade)

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Day 22 – National Poetry Month

April 22, 2019

Prompt #22: Movie Character: Write a poem about a character from a recent movie you watched.

Our Archeological Savior

The Ark of the Covenant
The Temple of Doom
The Holy Grail
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

He’s been through it all
Indiana Jones saves lives
Saves archeological findings
And, most importantly,
He saves our history

– Mariana Rosado (10th grade)

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Day 21 – National Poetry Month

April 21, 2019

Prompt #21: Food: Write a poem about food.

Food Dreams

With my recent operation
Food has been just a dream
I can eat only liquids
While I yearn for some meat
The sweet taste of meat
Of chicken
Of fish
Of anything other than Ensure
Would bring a smile to my face

– Mariana Rosado (10th grade)

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Day 13 – National Poetry Month

April 13, 2019

Prompt #13: Parallel Universe: Imagine yourself living a completely different life, based on making a different decision that impacted everything else.

My Life’s Pages

Some days I stop and wonder
What if I hadn’t opened the first book?
The one that took me under
A spell that held me captive

Had I not gazed upon those crisp pages
Ran my fingers along their edges
Visited kingdoms from the kitchen chair
Cowered in a lion’s daunting lair

I don’t think right now I’d be writing
Maybe I wouldn’t think it exciting
And the words that now entice me
I would not find so enchanting

– Lucía Garrido (8th grade)

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