April 12: looking for water in the fridge

Prompt: Write a poem on how to do something mundane most people take for granted, such as how to tie your shoes, how to turn on a lamp, how to pour a cup of coffee.

The feel of a metal handle in the palm of your hand,

sleek and co ld.

The sound of a door being opened,

SUDDEN and familiar.

The cold grazes the top of your fingers,

l i g h t and pleasant.

Inside the white pool you reach,

Long—————ing and n ee dy.

The plastic is cool to the touch,

bUmPy and weak.

You squeeze and twist until you’re done,

H e a v e n l y and sweet,

An arm moves towards you,

ecstatic! and relieved : )

The clear liquid slithers down your throat,

satisfaction and eXCITEMENT

and you feel so much better,

Happy and p repare d.

~ Rocío Colón

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