April 8th: The notions of a dreamer

Prompt: Make a list of your favorite words and write a poem that uses them creatively.

I want to be captivated

I want to be left with the feeling of pure astonishment

Not of a landscape or beautiful words that are flirted

Nor a memory that makes me feel content.

But of seeing something rare yet marvelous 

something that leaves you without a gasp of breath

and nurtures your curiosity with forcefulness 

A moment so powerful that it distracts you from the fear of death

I want to feel a connection so deep 

that I forget all the bad nooks in the world 

And love warms my heart as I sleep 

when I’m lying, curled in my bed

I want to be captivated by something that makes me speechless

something that stops my words because of their boldness

~ Alejandra Castro

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