Day 12 – National Poetry Month

April 12, 2019

Prompt #12: Time Freeze: What would happen for you if the world froze?


This feeling of a never-ending drop
and life moving way too fast,
I need time to stop,
And to make peace last.

A world now amidst a war,
A war the world is far from ready for;
If only I could stop time,
No others shall die anymore.

I wish time could stop,
I do not want to see my friends die
In a war with a meaningless end.
Peace, not hatred, as we share the same sky.

I try to hold on to these values,
but they are slipping far away
Nothing can grant my time’s wish
For violence has led me deeply astray.

– Lotus (10th grade)

Check out Lotus’s Writer Profile here to get to know them!

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