Day 3 – National Poetry Month

April 3, 2019

Prompt #3: “On the Field” – Write from the perspective of a sports ball

As I prepare my spherical frame 
For the rush of the incoming game, 
My pelt glistens with great mirth
At the approaching feet on the earth.

A whistle is blown; my robust exterior
Deforms as a force far superior
Impacts me fiercely
And I fly up the sky with full trust. 

As I rise, I wave to the sun and birds, 
Gracing them with my aerial gymnastics. 
Wind currents decide to waltz alongside
My dashing performance.
However, my elaborate dance routine 
suddenly changes its course
As it decides to tango with gravity.

Gravity’s strong and passionate pull
Drains the bountiful strength
That my soul previously indulged in.
As exhaustion overpowers me,
My glistening spots lose their shine.
Drowsiness gradually possesses me, Numbing my entrails and leaving me blind.
Senseless I feel after I finish my trip.
Lifeless I am until the next kick.

By Diego Redondo (12th grade)

Check out Diego Redondo’s Writer Profile here to get to know him!

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