A New School Year, A New Zeitgeist!

Greetings, and welcome to a new school year! Zeitgeist Literary Magazine Club seeks innovative and creative minds that are willing to embrace the pursuit of intellectual and artistic enrichment, discussion, and engagement. Be a part of the amazing experience and contribute today!

Important Information:

  • The Club Constitution is available for everyone to access in the Club Constitution page.
  • The concept of the magazine has been redesigned:

– Submitted work can be uploaded as “blog posts” or “articles” to be featured online in this webpage in Posts (after having been approved and revised by the Executive Board and moderator).

-Every trimester or semester, club members will choose their preferred pieces for publication (this will be based on a majority vote).

  • The length of the printed version of the magazine will be 20-28 pages (including the cover page, Letter From the Editor, and Highlights) and will usually include 4-8 poems, 2-4 short stories, 4 essays, 4-6 pages of Your Zeitgeist, and 4-6 pages of Zeitgeist Recommends.
  • Printed versions of the magazine will always be available online as well.
  • If your work has been chosen for the printed version of the magazine, you will be notified via e-mail.

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