Zeitgeist Issue #1

Hello! To view the first issue of Zeitgeist Literary Magazine, click here.

Here, you’ll find the answers to the Literary Crossword Puzzle:

JRRTOLKIEN – Author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy
CAPTAINAHAB – captain of a whaling ship, swore vengeance on Moby Dick
IÑIGOMONTOYA / “My name is ____, you killed my father, prepare to die.
1984 / futuristic novel written by George Orwell
RIPTIDE / name of Percy Jackson’s sword
SIRIUSBLACK / Harry Potter’s godfather
JANEAUSTEN / Author of Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, and Mansfield Park
ACHILLES / Famous warrior of the Trojan War and character of The Illiad
THETAMINGOFTHESHREW / Shakespearean play which the movie 10 Things I Hate about You is based on.
221BBAKERSTREET / Sherlock Holmes’ address
THETELLTALEHEART / Edgar Allan Poe’s morbid poem about the beating heart of a murdered man
ABRAHAMLINCOLN / figurative captain to which the poetic voice of “O Captain my Captain” refers to, president
PRESIDENTSNOW / main antagonist of The Hunger Games
LAMPPOST / iconic image of Narnia, discovered by Lucy Pevensie
BRONTËSISTERS / famous author siblings of the 19th century, works include: Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, and Agnes Grey
LORDOFWINTERFELL  / Title held by Ned Stark until his death, passed on to Robert Stark
BOOTLEGGER  / Jay Gatsby’s profession
KAZUOISHIGURO / Winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature, of British nationality, but born in Japan
FRANKENSTEIN / Protagonist of Mary Shelly’s most famous book, and creator of a hideous monster
THEROADNOTTAKEN / poem by American poet Robert Frost about two diverging roads

-Alejandra Quintana, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Zeitgeist Literary Magazine

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