Second Club Meeting

Puerto Rico has recently experienced a catastrophic natural phenomenon; even though hurricane María brought ample destruction and devastation, Puerto Ricans are now stronger than ever in their efforts to restore and improve the island’s infrastructure. I admire our perseverance and determination as we confront the difficulties and inconveniences caused by the damage that María inflicted on the entire island. Despite the immense material loss we have all suffered, hope lingers in every action, thought, or remark that entails a desire to create and construct an idea or a dream passionately. For this reason, Zeitgeist encourages students to build upon these treasures of the mind and produce works that reflect their innermost feelings. I will be very conscientious about the arduous circumstances of every individual, and I will be as helpful as possible in the process of submitting work for the magazine.

Due to weather inclemencies and electricity issues, the second club meeting of Zeitgeist will be held on Thursday, October 12, 2017. I will announce the time and place in another blog post soon.

Many blessings,

– Alejandra Quintana, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Zeitgeist

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