Zeitgeist is a digital literary magazine based in Puerto Rico. Our magazine features original work by high school students at Academia del Perpetuo Socorro. The pieces range from the visual arts, such as painting and drawing, to prose, poetry, and written works from a variety of genres.

Every piece of this literary magazine provides a unique glimpse of the students’ innermost feelings, opinions and thoughts.

If you wish to submit your work to Zeitgeist, send it via email to zeitgeistlitmag@gmail.com

Specify if you want to be featured on the web and/or the printed version of the magazine, and state your name or tell us if you wish to remain anonymous.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Club Executive Board

Club Moderator: Prof. Mari Vega

Editor-In-Chief: Claudia Figueroa Pabón

Assistant Editor: Lucía Garrido

Graphic Designer: Tiare Sierra

Art Director: Claudia López

Secretary: Carlos Méndez

Recemt publications…

Zeitgeist x Elipsis: All About Perspective

May 2020

Our joint issue with Spanish Literary Magazine Elipsis!

Valentine’s Day Issue

February 2020

Check out this mysterious, lovey-dovey issue!

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