Get to know us!

Zeitgeist is a digital literary magazine based in Puerto Rico. Our magazine features original work by high school students at Academia del Perpetuo Socorro. The pieces range from the visual arts, such as painting and drawing, to prose, poetry, and written works from a variety of genres. We encourage you to submit your pieces to Zeitgeist and/or read the published editions!

The main purpose of Zeitgeist is to collect and appreciate the various perspectives of the students at Academia del Perpetuo Socorro and provide them with an artistic outlet where they can express their innermost feelings. Every piece of this literary magazine provides a unique glimpse of students’ opinions and thoughts. 

Zeitgeist encourages students from any grade that are passionate about cultural and artistic endeavors to join the club and submit their creations!

Zeitgeist publications are developed through a collaborative effort of Club Members and Club Contributors. To plan each issue, we set a theme, and develop poetry, short stories and essays around it. Once all the works are submitted, the revision process begins. Each submitted work is carefully evaluated by a panel of students. We collect art to supplement the writings and give the magazine an ornate feel. Then, our issue is printed and published on the website for the Perpetuo community to appreciate.

Meet our directive:

  1. Prof. Mari Vega: Club Moderator
  2. Harold Peón: Editor-In-Chief
  3. Claudia Figueroa: Assistant Editor
  4. Ricardo Mercadé: Art Director
  5. Julia García: Graphic Designer
  6. Carlos Méndez: Secretary
  7. Ariana Viera: Publicist

The club meeting day is Thursday in room 209.

If you wish to submit your work to Zeitgeist, send it via e-mail to:

Specify if you want to be featured on the web and/or the printed version of the magazine, and state your name or tell us if you wish to remain anonymous.

If you have any doubts or problems concerning the submission process, please contact Harold Peón (Editor-In-Chief), Claudia Figueroa (Assistant Editor), or another member of the club.

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information!

Members of the club reserve the right to publish pieces according to the established criteria.

Zeitgeist is a work in progress. Suggestions are highly appreciated.